Water Ripple

Redefining educational models.


Our society is changing by leaps and bounds as a result of rapid technological advances. The future is now and it demands that our learning be as fast as the technology at our fingertips.


That is why Sapiens Academy was born as a transformation and professional enrichment effort focused on the use of new technologies for the training of digital citizens and capable of taking competitive positions in today's highly digitized world of work.


Education for whom school is not enough.


Our platform seeks to promote learning for different profiles that have ambition and a hunger for knowledge in common.


Sapiens Academy seeks to identify and create a community of engineers, designers, sociologists, anthropologists and other profiles highly adaptable to the digital transformation that the world and the global and local market are experiencing.




We believe in educating people on the top-emerging technologies by redefining educational models, creating high-quality programs available to everyone so that professionals can jump-start to the high demanded tech world. 


Turn into the best high-quality Academy on emerging technologies for students, teachers, and companies around the world, providing value and recognition through our agile educational model that certifies and guarantees the most prepared professionals for today’s job demands.


Rodrigo Mejía


The course is very good, the instructor's way of explaining is easy to understand and they are open to answering questions. With Sapiens Academy the treatment has also been very good, I thank them for the opportunity they gave me with this course.

Opcion 2.jpg

Areli Anistro

Product Management

I took the Product Management course and it seemed very complete in terms of content and teaching material. The flexibility they managed in terms of schedules helped me a lot to continue doing my day-to-day activities while I was taking the course. I also really liked that communication with teachers is quite easy and accessible for any questions or advice.


Jaime García

Product Management & Unqork

Having taken a course with Sapiens Academy helped me learn about other areas of the workplace where I could feel identified with my interests. In the same way, it motivated me every day to learn and put my knowledge into practice. Finally, thanks to Sapiens Academy I was able to meet wonderful people who motivated me to give a better version of myself.




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